Telemedicine for Dry Eyes

We are proud to offer telemedicine services for our patients at Watson Dry Eye Center in Raleigh, NC. Convenient, affordable, and secure, it allows patients to connect with us more easily and safely.
While Telemedicine may not be appropriate for all services, we recommend it as an alternative to in-office exams when seeking non-emergent eye care.

Pros & Cons of Telemedicine for Dry Eyes

We love seeing patients in the office. There’s a connection that just can’t be replicated as well virtually. But Telemedicine has its perks. It’s safer (especially when there’s a pandemic!), it’s more convenient, and it can certainly be more comfortable if you’re doing it from your favorite couch at home! The cons are that it has limitations in the full-spectrum of diagnostics and some of the technology-based treatment options.

What Dry Eye Appointments Are Eligible for Telemedicine?

Initial visits and non-emergent follow-ups are great options for Telemedicine. If your very first appointment with us is a virtual visit, we use the time to discuss your current eye care, lifestyle factors, and your treatment goals. Your second appointment then happens in our office where we can perform our state-of-the-art diagnostic tests to get a 360 degree view of the state of your disease.
Of course, treatments like Lipiflow and IPL cannot be performed virtually, but counseling, medication assessment, and monitoring can be.

How To Check-In for a Virtual Visit

Watson Dry Eye Center uses for virtual services. No need to download software or create an account.  Just use a browser on a computer or device with a camera and microphone. All data is encrypted so your session is secure and HIPAA compliant.
  1. Use a computer or device with camera/microphone
  2. Enter our web address into the browser (we send this via email prior to your appointment)
  3. Allow your browser to use your webcam and microphone
  4. Type in your name and click check in
  5. Dr. Watson will start your visit

Some Tips for the Most Effective Telemedicine Visit

  • Make sure you have good internet connection
  • Restart your device before your visit. This helps audio connect better.
  • Test your camera and mic from the waiting room
If you are suffering from dry eyes and dry eye disease, get in touch. We’d love to help you and your family find a solution that works best for you. Our number is 252-231-0424.

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To ensure the safety of our staff and patients, we are now offering Telemedicine services for new patients and non-emergent cases. You can connect with our team in an affordable, convenient, and secure way using your phone, tablet, or computer. Information is kept private and HIPAA compliant.

Please call our office at 252-231-0424 to schedule your visit.