Services Overview

Our office believes in a 360° approach to mitigating the signs and symptoms of Dry Eye Disease. Following a comprehensive diagnostic assessment, we work with you to discover your optimal treatment options. Every patient is unique; therefore, every treatment plan is unique. These may include in-office procedures, dietary supplements, in addition to lifestyle changes. We want you to achieve long-term results rather than short-term relief.  

Diagnostic Tools

Tear Film Examination

TearLab Osmolartiy Test

InflammaDry Test

Lipiview II Lipid Layer / Blink Imaging: measures the thickness of the lipid (oil) layer of your tears, how well you blink, and an image of the structure of your meibomian glands.

Biomicroscopy Examination with Vital Dyes

Korb Meibomian Gland Evaluator (Korb MGE) Analysis

Anterior Segment Photography, Videography, Meibography with Analysis

LipiScan Rapid High Definition Gland Imaging

Ocular Allergy Diagnostic System

And more…

Treatment Modalities

LipiFlow® Thermal Pulsation System


Intense Pulse Light Treatment (IPL)

RESTASIS / Xiidra Topical Intervention

EyeEco Therapy for Dry Eyes and Eye Allergies

Punctal Occlusion

PRN Physisican-Recommended Nutriceuticals Dry Eye Omega Benefits®

Avenova Daily Lid and Lash Hygiene

Prokera Biologic Corneal Bandage

And more…

Maintenance Solutions & Products

What We Offer


IPL has been in use for many years to reduce or eliminate skin discolorations, such as brown spots, age spots, broken blood vessels, and rosacea.

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A fairly common inflammatory skin condition that affects a whopping 415 million people worldwide.

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Dry Eyes

A condition that leaves your eyes perennially dry, itchy, and scratchy, and can even cause blurry vision.

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Itchy Eyes

Chronic itchy eyes are a severe problem for many adults, leading to excessive rubbing, vision strain, and daily distraction.

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LipiFlow works to remove these blockages to promote healthier balance in your tears and frustration-free contact lens experience.

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An inflammation of your eyelids. What’s not so simple is the number of problems that can lead to blepharitis.

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Red Eye

It’s not uncommon to wake up with red eyes after a poor night’s sleep or experience angry, irritated eyes when debris gets in them, but chronic red eyes may signal a larger problem

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Skin Tightening

There are two main conditions that affect the function and appearance of your eyelids, both of which cause laxity of your eyelids and an increased risk of dry eye disease.

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To ensure the safety of our staff and patients, we are now offering Telemedicine services for new patients and non-emergent cases. You can connect with our team in an affordable, convenient, and secure way using your phone, tablet, or computer. Information is kept private and HIPAA compliant.

Please call our office at 252-231-0424 to schedule your visit.